“Moller Auto Latvia” Ltd – the first official car dealer in Latvia since 1990.


“Moller Auto Latvia” Ltd was established and registered with name Auto Riga Inc. at the end of 1989 as a Canadian-Latvian Limited Liability Company. It is one of the first soviet-foreign joint ventures in Soviet Latvia at that time. On 3 July 1990, when commencing business in Latvia, “Auto Rīga” Ltd is the first west-type car dealer in the republic and, cooperating with importer - VV Auto OY in Finland (responsible for the territory of ex-USSR from 1988 to 1992), is direct dealer of VW and Audi in Latvia. Canadian-Latvian business group from Toronto (Riga Overseas Investments Inc.) makes the initial foreign capital investments in the amount of 255 000 Canadian dollars. In 1989, the newly opened Riga Motormuseum managed by its founder Viktors Kulbergs becomes Latvian partner of the joint venture “Auto Rīga” Ltd. Soon – in 1990, position of Riga Motormuseum changes – from shareholder it becomes the owner.

From 1990 to 1996, Canadian Latvian investment company Riga Overseas Investments Inc. Toronto, Canada, is 100% owner.

In July 1996, after purchase of property rights, shares of “Auto Rīga” Ltd are transferred into property of a group of leading employees, smaller shareholders sell their shares, and Viktors Kulbergs, President and Chief Director – 84%, Andris Kulbergs (son of V. Kulbergs) – 11%, and Poul Kjaer (Denmark) – 5%, become the only owners of shares.

In 1997, “Auto Rīga” Ltd loses franchise of VW products in Latvia; it is acquired by “Kittner Group” from Luebeck. Audi remains to “Auto Rīga” Ltd.

In 1997, Audi AG introduces the new corporate standards of ACR architecture in the entire world, and in 1998 they are required to be introduced in our market. “Auto Rīga” Ltd accepts that and begins work on concept of immovable property. Project “Audi Centrs Rīga” (hereinafter ACR) is ordered at the beginning of 1998, envisaging commencement of construction works in spring of 1999.

In 1999, “Auto Rīga” Ltd purchases a 17 400 m2 large land plot next to Riga Motormuseum where the new ACR will be located. At this moment, economy of Latvia is affected by the unexpected economic crisis of Russia, therefore commencement of construction of ACR is postponed, and actual implementation begins after 2 years. Beginning of 2001 is the best time to start construction of the new centre. Construction works begin in March and are completed in December 2001. Festive opening ceremony of “Audi Centrs Rīga” takes place on 16 January 2002.

“Audi Centrs Rīga” is a functionally and architecturally voluminous building, glass and metal structures are emphasized in its architectural image. The multi-level complex holds trade hall of new cars, contemporary service with the most modern diagnostics equipment manufactured in Germany, administration premises, and convenient café.

In 2001, “Audi Centrs Rīga” is awarded the second place in the annual show “Best building of the year” organized by the Latvian Builders Association.

In spring 2002, Norwegian company “Møller Gruppen” becomes the owner of “Auto Rīga” Ltd.

On 4 December 2008, a second Audi dealer centre – “Møller Auto Lidosta” located in Pārdaugava, 170a Kalnciema Street – begins operation.

On 16 September 2009, in order to implement joint strategy and identification of the brand in all companies of “Møller Gruppen” in the Baltic States, “Audi Centrs Rīga” is renamed to “Møller Auto Rīga”.

Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association concluded contract No. L-APA-10-0023 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on 13 December 2010 on implementation of project Increase of the qualification of employees of Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association’s members co-financed by the European Social Fund. “Moller Auto Latvia” is the founding member of the Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association since 28 September 1994.


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Since June 17, 2011 the company SIA "Auto Riga" has a new name - SIA "Moller Auto Latvia." Change of the name is a logical step in the development of the company - the final step as part of the Norwegian owners of the single brand strategy and visibility of all companies in the Baltic countries.